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Re: Sony AF System Questions

Peaceful Mind wrote:

Hi, all. I'm fairly new to Sony. I recently purchased the A7R and am deciding selling all my other gears and buy into Sony system with all those Zeiss lenses. I am also considering those ZA lenses which are in A-mount. And I want to see how to get the best AF performance from them.

If you are buying new zeiss lenses why not just get the zeiss lenses for E mount, from all the reviews I saw both the 35 and 55 mm 1.8 are stellar lenses and you don´t need the adapter, the AF on the a7r is just less good in dim light situations, in the other situations is pretty good.

As Sony is so innovative, I am confused about the AF performance on different combination.

There are:

  1. SLT
  2. E mount + LA-EA3 + OSPDAF
  3. E mount + LA-EA4 + OSPDAF + SLT

The LA EA4 is the fastest to AF from all the reviews I see online, but will slightly degrade the image quality since it have a fixed translucent mirror element between the lens and the sensor.

Considering FF only, if I have after AF performance with A mount lenses, I suppose A99 will be fastest?

the a99 is faster yes.

But I am thinking what if I get A7 with LA-EA4 so that it would also have OSPDAF and SLT tech? I read somewhere that it gives fewer AF points though. So how A7 with LA-EA4 would compare to A99?

the a99 will still be faster, the LA EA4 module is the same as the sony a65 I believe.

And then I'm also interested in the 2nd option, e.g. A7 with LA-EA3. I read somewhere saying it should be able to AF on SSM lenses. How fast? How well it AF compare to the two combinations above?

not sure-

And I'm even thinking about A6000, which have a lot of review saying that it has great review. Would A6000 + LA-EA4/3 be even better than A99?

lol the adapters don´t always make the camera faster, I´m pretty sure it will slow the the a6000 a lot.

I have read about the AF-D tech. that A99 has. Will any E-mount camera with LA-EA4 gives you that?

not sure

Thanks everyone in advance!

You should post this question in the sony E mount forum, since all a7/r owners are there and will give you a more appropriatee answer

But imo if you are buying new lenses for your a7r, buy E mount lenses and not A mount lenses, the only reason to get those adapters is if you already have a lot of A mount lenses lying around.

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