Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

dear Ramius,

I see some big misunderstandings in your posts in this thread:

1. The A7 is not a professional camera, it is aimed at the advanced amateurs. Yes there will be professionas using this camera, but it is not aimed at them, Sony is missing the right service for them.

2. third party les builders are not jumping in a new system when it comes to market. It took Sigma more then one and a half year to get their two primes for the E-mount, and even longr for mft. So it will not come at launch with a FE lens. The FF E-mount cameras are the only one in the market at this moment and it will bring to much risk to Sigma when they can't spread the risk over more then one brand...

3. Developping lenses is a long and expensive process, so it is not wise to wait with launching your new system until you have a lot of lenses. Better is go develop a few, launch your system and when it is a success create more lenses.

4. FE is not a movement, it is the Full Frame E-mount lens standard.

5. The fact that Sony shows the APS E-mount lenses on the A7 on a camera show is very smart, you show the compatability with these lenses.

6. Tamron is cooperating with Sony, it is possible that they designed and build some of the FE lenses and sell it under the Sony name (at this moment it is possible that the kitlens is a Tamron design).

I do agree with you that it would be nice to have more lenses for the A7, but I don't think more lenses will attract more professional users, as they want more then lenses alone. This camera is not for sport or wildlife photographyso it will not sell in large numbers to those photographers.

Sonyhas a lens roadmap with a total of 15 lenses on it for the next 2 years, so they prommised to support the new system in that way.

Remember that good lenses are expensive, there is no way that will change. I once got myself a 70-400G lens that was more expensive then my A700 was. And there are lense out there that costs over 10 times the price of the camera they are used on...

Sony started te FF E- mount with some high quality glass, and there are still people complaining about the quality of the kit zoom lens... You can't please them all...

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