Which film camera for my buddy's wedding?

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Re: Which film camera for my buddy's wedding?

If you want to stick with 135 film I am amazed you aren't considering the Olympus OM1, or OM4 if you want some good auto shutter features.

The OM system is absolutely fantastic of course, but really you want medium format - 35mm is a paltry format compared to 6x6 or anything else! The mamiya 6 etc are great but highly priced (and rightly so from what I hear!), you could however get a great MF system with a twin lens reflex camera and it wouldn't cost the world. I recommend checking out the Rolleiflex/Rolleicord and Mamiya C series (I have a C3 and it is fantastic), they really are beautiful pieces of very simple kit that produce utterly stunning images - all that would be required is a handheld lightmeter!

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