Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

quezra wrote:

Ramius wrote:

And judging by the responses here, I see there are alot of hobby photographers here who doesnt quite understand how professional photography works. Its good with adapters and and the option of using legacy lenses.

But that stuff is completely out of the question for many professionals. Taking black and white pictures of cathedrals with your Leica lenses in your hollidays is one thing. But for people working with their cameras you need full cooperation between your lens and camera, complete autofocus, exif data and all.

No, we perfectly get that some professionals need a complete system in which to shoot. But we also know that systems aren't born complete. They take years or even decades to reach a status of being 'complete'. We are early adopters, which means we are willing to take the risks with a new system, and the output and features we get are what makes us find the journey worthwhile. If you need a 70-200 for your professional work and the system doesn't have one, you look for another system. No big deal.

Exactly correct. People making money off of photography who need a range of focal lengths are just not going to invest in a new system that doesn't fit their needs if their needs include AF. That's silly. Choose Canon or Nikon and enjoy the quality lenses you need until this system matures. I was happy buying into this system with just the FE Zeiss 55. If that's the only lens I ever get from Sony/Zeiss that I want in the native mount then I will never complain because I bought in knowing that was the only AF lens I needed right now. I will probably get a wide angle (e.g., Voigtlander 21/1.8) and I already have the Contax G 90/2.8 for portraits. My wide angle and portrait photography do not require fast focus. I wouldn't mind a fast 35 with AF, but I had the Sigma 35/1.4 Art on my Canon 6D along with the 50/1.2L and I realized that after 2 months the 50/1.2L was sitting at home every time I went out as I preferred the Sigma 35. Right now I am pleased with the Zeiss 55 enough that I think this focal length presents a challenge for me for a long time to come. Unlike a pro, I never need a shot. If I can't get the shot I want from the Zeiss 55 by backing up or walking closer then there are plenty of other shots I will find.

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