Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon DSLR next?

G L wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Again, I think we will see mirrorless grow as entry level cameras can made do without a viewfinder of any kind, cutting costs. But more serious photographers will probably want an OVF which requires a mirror.

So far I know the mirrorless with EVF are selling quite better than entry level MLs without EVF.

I do not say that the MLs are already there, especially if CAF is needed as for example in sports.

But for some applications some professinals are already using them as one can read at the GetDPI forums or Luminous-Landscape forums.

As I said before DLSRs will exist for quite some time. But I think its quite likely that MLs will catch up sooner or later.

It depends on the market, higher level viewfinder bodies seem to be in more demand in the west but the west makes up a tiny amount of the mirror less market as a whole.

That really seems to be the problem mirrorless has to me, its been unsuccessful in generating high sales from its entry level products compared to DSLR systems in the west. Whether that's because western comsumers care more about eye level viewfinders, less about size saving or less about image quality from smaller cameras is hard to say for sure, my guess would be a bit of all three.

As far as which manufacturer will drop out of DSLR sales next if you consider Sony still in the DSLR market they would be my guess. Pentax is a smaller business but also seems to be run with a smaller footprint as well meaning massive sales aren't needed to turn a profit.

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