Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

Bribed them? So you think third party support for your product is a negative thing?

No, but since market is initially small there is not business in it for 3rd parties and they want to cover the development costs ASAP. "Bribe" is just a term I chose for when a big company wants a small one to do something that is not immediately a big money bringer. How do you think some games are initially exclusive to PS or Xbox? Someone makes it worth it for game developers.

If anything, that makes the road to success and even shorter. I think your thinking is very proprietary and outdated. The more support, the better. How can you possibly argue against this? Infact, Sony already does this with other products, like their Playstation.

I disagree. The market is initially too small to support Sigma or Tamron making lenses without extra incentives and Sony wants to sell lenses too.

And judging by the responses here, I see there are alot of hobby photographers here who doesnt quite understand how professional photography works. Its good with adapters and and the option of using legacy lenses.

The Sony LA-EA4 adapter I mentioned brings DSLR level AF/tracking to these bodies, something they currently do not not have. It is a Sony adapter can take Sonys latest and fastest SSM2 DSLR lenses. I'm not talking legacy here. PDAF AF, exif, fast apertures. Happen to have a 85/1.4 Zeiss for my A7R with the La-EA4. Autofocuses like champ and is plenty fast.

But that stuff is completely out of the question for many professionals. Taking black and white pictures of cathedrals with your Leica lenses in your hollidays is one thing. But for people working with their cameras you need full cooperation between your lens and camera, complete autofocus, exif data and all.

Again, what you are saying have nothing to with what I suggested. Want a F/2.8 standard zoom on A7R? Get the Sony 24-70/2.8 + LA-EA4 and you have that; AF, exif, fast apertures. Several high-end professionals do this already for focal lengths that have no native FE lenses: Frank Doorhof, Brian Smith...

Compactness is not the only advantage of the A7 cameras. There are many other more important reasons for professional photographers to buy these.

And again, if you are willing/need to get bigger lenses get the LA-EA4 + SSM2 lenses: fastest AF you can have, exif...

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