Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon DSLR next?

G L wrote:

Who will abandon DSLR next? That is a resonable question.

DSLR will exist for quite some time.

But the marketshare of DLSR will become smaller and smaller. Mirrorless will grow step by step. Not in huge steps but itwill grow.

If it would be  anyone it's Sony, but they have explicitly stated their commitment to continuing and developing A-mount bodies and lenses.

CaNikon will always be in the DSLR game because of their professional clout, and the fact that for the forseeable future DSLRs have distinct advantages over non-reflex ILCs for professionals (decades of glass being the biggie, instantaneous infinite resolution viewfinders, accessories etc etc) that the ILCs will probably never catch up on

Again, I think we will see mirrorless grow as entry level cameras can made do without a viewfinder of any kind, cutting costs. But more serious photographers will probably want an OVF which requires a mirror.

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