Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Ramius wrote:

Its clear that there is no wide angles available at all. People have been making countless threads about this already. Even though its good Samyang is offering FE lenses, I think its a turnoff for many that these are only reworked DSLR-lenses. And what about pancake wide angles?

Whats else missing? A better standard zoom for sure, with F2.8 or higher. And more zooms, like a 16-35 or 16-50mm. My collegues in the press is using their 16-35mm more than any other lens.

Best quess is that the UWA zoom in next announcement is about 16-35/4. A F/2.8 standard zoom is so big that why not just use LA-EA4 and existing Alpha lenses? 3rd party options available too.

Cheaper alternatives from third party manufacturers is also a must. When Sony/Zeiss is the only one making lenses in the FE range now, we have no choice but to buy the most expensive lenses possible.

Zeiss has confirmed they will release 3 manual primes for FE this year. But they are quite likely planning release schedule with Sony so that they will not compete. Other than that Sony has no control over 3rd parties so lenses will come when/if the FE cameras have enough traction.

A better tele lens is also missing. For most photojournalists using tele lenses, 200mm is too small. There should be 400mm available. And even higher. My collegues do not even consider buying the A7 because of the lack of tele lenses.

A tele beyond 200 mm will be so big that there is on compactness advantage so just use LA-EA4 adapter and A mount lens. 3rd party options available.

And in this field, brands like Tamron have made exceptionally good tele lenses for a cheap price. That Sony has later copied. Like their 18-200mm. For people like me, the price of the 200mm G-lens will be too expensive to even consider buying. Both Tamron and Sigma has also shown that they can outperform first party primes with much cheaper alternatives while keeping the same quality.

Take for instance Tamrons 24-70mm versus Canons 24-70mm:

Sigma and Tamron both have expertise on making lenses in a different way, that more people can afford, without sacrificing quality. Their expertise is currently not represented in the FE market. And that is a weakness I dont think anyone can disagree with. More options and competition the better right?
Im just saying they should have been a part of the movement earlier. Now we´re probably going to have to wait a year or more before they release something.

Sigma and Tamron will come when/if they see the market worth going to. If you think Sony should have gone to them before launch with specs and asked/bribed them to develop lenses then I think your idea differs with the commercial interest of Sony lens developement.

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