Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: Some of his results

chuck12 wrote:

You really are the king of fanboys.

Steve isn't comparing IQ of the Fuji, for the reason that it's trivial to compare when he has a full frame camera the kicks both their asses. So why suggest he is?

I do not have the X-T1 but I have the X-E2 and have an E-M1 here this week for evaluation. Similar to Steve, I would agree m43 in general has better highlight retention, I have read this many times and also with previous m43 I would also say that was the case. The sensor lends itself well to this. It isn't "flat out Nuts!"

As for the focus, the Fuji is still stupidly slow in low light. In bright light I find them inseparable, but low light E-M1 flat out wins.

The X-E2 / X-T1 is definitely a notch better in high ISO, which is why I personally use that over m43, but to say you can shoot at ISO 6400 on the X-T1 "without any loss of detail or smudging" is total fanboy BS.

It sounds like you made a rather expensive purchase, and are now in denial about it's limitations.

+1 on that

I have Canon 6D and Fuji X-E1, and Fuji no near in IQ, especially when ISO starts to rise, Fuji tends to "cook" RAWs by applying some NR, and we have fine-details smeared.

Compared to Fuji, Panasonic GX7 and Olympus EM1 are noisier, but retains more details and have slightly better highlight retention. AF-speed on both are way faster in any conditions, in low light Fuji is useless in terms of AF (speaking of X-E1 and X-E2 I tried). But Canon 6D rules out both Fuji and m4/3 system in terms of low-light performance both in terms of AF, and in terms of IQ.

In real world Fuji and m4/3 are much closer in terms of output, than Canon 6D and Fuji.

One thing, although, I like with Fuji more than with the others - colors. Also Fuji has very good optics, and ergonomics.

Fuji just need to catch up in terms of camera/AF performance, throw away X-trans sensor and stick with Bayer layout.

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