What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: What's the big deal with the retro thing?

There's a reason why the rangefinders and SLR cameras of the early '60s to the late '70s looked the way they did - functionality. The knobs, dials and wheels were placed perfectly on the camera body to give quick and easy adjustment. And there are many of us who learned our photographic art using these old beauties. I grew up with a Pentax Spotmatic II circa 1964, one of the greatest cameras ever made. I still have it and it still takes stunning photos whenever I feel like using film.

The 'retro' Fujis are just (IMHO) the new generation of what us oldies used back in the day. DSLRs were heading down the path of everything looking the same, and every camera working the same way, ie a big black plastic box filled with menus hidden inside menus, accessed via minuscule buttons that old fingers can't press, or old eyes can't see.

Fuji had the foresight to develop a family of cameras that I believe were aimed at two demographics ..... 1) old folks who want a return to what we grew up with and used for many, many years, because such designs are functional, intuitive and logical, as well as carry around a smaller kit so old backs dont get sore; and 2) younger folks who want to be cool and retro, but also want to use a camera that is function, intuitive and logical.

Obviously the retro styling of these cameras make them attractive to many, but at the heart of that retro camera is a picture-making tool that is easy to use and takes phenomenal photos, all in a lightweight, easy to carry package that doesn't stand out. Whenever I take photos with my X-E1 I feel like its 1979 and I'm once again using my ancient Pentax. (The only difference is no light meter on the Fuji, and the focus is completely different of course.) It's because of this that Fujis are so loved by so many, and this forum is filled with posts from oldies like me who are so happy to once again be in our photographic element - and so grateful to Fuji for putting us there again.

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