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Re: To each his own Anders

Anders W wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

FrankS009 wrote:

What do you mean by "field qualities?"

I mean the ease of use or "snapinness" in real life shooting.

Yes, but what more specifically is "ease of use" or "snappiness". I don't have the 17 but I have quite a few other MFT lenses to compare my 20 with (e.g., 12/2, 14/2.5, 45/1.8, and 75/1.8 plus a bunch of zooms) and I don't find that the 20 is inferior to any of them with regard to "field qualities" or ease of use. The AF of the 20 is worse under certain conditions but that doesn't trouble me. In ordinary AF-S use, it works just as well/fast as any other lens. Optically, it is clearly ahead of the 17, which of course shouldn't be taken to mean that the latter is bad.

Fine, to each is own Anders.

Both are excellent lenses and have their own qualities.

I had both, I kept one based on my personal preferences and use. Many have done the same (sold the 20 and kept the 17). It must be that the 17mm is sort of attractive, despite being a bit less sharp in the center than the 20.

Sure. I don't question your preferences. We are all free to choose as we see fit. Like Frank, I just wanted to know what specifically you mean by "field qualities". I thought you had some facts in mind or you wouldn't have listed it as a point in your list of pros/cons.

OK, I thought it was pretty clear. The 17mm has an ultra fast AF, is completely silent and has a clutch mechanism to switch instantly from AF to MF. Those 3 characteristics make it a very comfortable lens to use in a variety of situations in the field.

Edit : I forgot one more useful feature in the field : the distance scale.

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