D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

Jim Keye wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

foto2021 wrote:

golf1982 wrote:

Still lacks wifi and gps. Basic and features found on years old hundred quid compacts!!!!

WiFi and GPS are features that amateurs love but professionals don't need. The D4s is a professional camera, self-evidently not one you should be considering.

If I may coin a phrase, it concerns me how amateurs just don't get it. Please can someone tell them that the Nikon D4s is not aimed at them.

Wow you really appear to dislike ametures!!! Grow up

If it were not for ametures buying the d4 it would cost a whole lot more

So it should be geared towards everybody? Should they have put scene modes in there for you too?

my comment relates to the vitriol of the previous commenter towards ametures.

also many pro's want wifi and gps, hence the sales of the overpriced, poor solution that are dongles.

You wouldn't happen to have any sales figures there, would you? How many professional are buying those dongles?

WiFi and GPS have their place. The problem is that they also add cost and complexity.

sorry but this comment suggests your knowledge of technology is lacking.

Camera designs are a tradeoff/balance. Some of us are already p!ssed about how many resources go into video features instead of still features. But on the whole, Nikon seems to think more pros don't use wifi and GPS than do. I'm inclined to agree with them

no nikon don't include them because they can flog overpriced dongles for a huge markup. Sad but true.

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