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Guy Parsons
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Re: The Pana 45-150mm

Guy Parsons wrote:

JeanPierre Martel wrote:

We have to take into account that the OP would use that zoom on an OM-D. Olympus cameras have a weak UV filter (contrary to Panasonic's cameras). Moreover, many Lumix lenses are prone to chromatic aberration because Panasonic rely on automatic Chromatic-aberration correction (which is not done by Olympus cameras).

I am sure that you're getting very good results with your Lumix 45-150mm on your Panasonic cameras. Probably as good as the results I'm getting with my M.Zuiko 40-150mm on my OM-D e-m5. But since the OP is also using this same camera, if he buys the Lumix 45-150mm, my suggestion would be to add a 52mm Haze 2A filter to it.

In a year of using the 45-150mm on my E-PL5 I have yet to see any CA worth worrying about, but then, I don't go pixel peeping looking for problems.

This time I'll get the post I want in the right thread, did this in another thread by mistook, sigh....

Anyhow, I opened the door and took this shot which should enhance any CA with the 45-150mm...

At 150mm f/5.6

And now a 560 x 560 100% crop of the top left corner...

AfterShot Pro on the RAW, fiddled over-sharpen to try and show CA, no CA removal attempted.

I think that's why I've never seen CA with the 45-150mm on my E-PL5.

To me it always seems that the Panasonic lens is better than the cheapie Olympus lens for both mechanical and optical reasons, plus that handy OIS to use on the E-PL5, and that despite me being a bit of an Oly fan-boy. Luckily for me the Panasonic lens is cheaper than the Olympus one in Australia, but even if reversed I'd still buy the Pana 45-150mm.

Regards...... Guy

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