DA 35 mm 2.4 ?

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Re: DA 35 mm 2.4 ?

Pacerr wrote:

Uloo wrote: I'm interested in this lens as a general purpose lens, but mostly as a moderate Macro/ Close up lens for flowers. How well does it work for that purpose?

I'd like to offer an alternative approach:

If it's the 35mm lens "perspective" that interests you, try it with your DA 16- 55. Use a cheap diopter 'filter' if necessary to see if you're getting the crop space you want, the perspective and the overall results you want.

There's simply so many ways to "get there" without buyin' a lens just to answer a perspective/magnification question it seems unnecessary to me to buy a lens. If you don't already KNOW you want that perspective it deserves attention.

[A good zoom can be a lot of things with a rubber band to hold FL position.]

If LBA's involved, ignore this note.]

Good advice to be sure. But as great as the zoom is, the size and weight difference makes Uloo's question very reasonable, too. I've got a fair amount of glass for my K1000, but 95% of the time I take it out it's wearing nothing more than the 2/50 because it's so much smaller, lighter and good for most casual shooting — plus focusses very close if I feel like doing a macro shot or two. So I definitely understand the desire to leave the zoom at home and stick to a versatile prime when you're just out for a wander.


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