Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Re: Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Thom Hogan has been dumping on Sony for some time now. He has become very much of an M43 fanboy.

10 minutes of my life that i'll never get back, lol...

he very briefly attempts to compare the 6d/610 to the a7, but nowhere in the review does he mention evf focusing versus ovf focusing?? he ignores one of the biggest reasons for going with these sony cameras.

he claims to have used the a7 for months... how could he not know how to use the camera, after handling it for that long? maybe he just never uses manual focus? he doesn't understand basic camera operation; probably because he's a blogger, not a photographer.

the phrase "d800e" never gets mentioned in the review, but he uses a7r vs. d800 in the same sentence... does he not understand that the a7r sensor setup compares directly with the d800e, not the d800? does he even know that there is such a thing as a d800e?

unfortunately he's not alone in his incompetence...

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Yes, he seems a shadow of his former self; am a right about that? Strong anti-Sony bias.

BTW I recall reading that the Nikon D600 and D610 use the same Sony sensor as the A7.

(Not in here, but this is more Rockwell.)


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