Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

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Re: Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

AndyW17 wrote:

Does such a camera exist today? I'm definitely getting tired of having to manually over-ride the silly firmware in the RX100ii for shots where I'd be OK with higher ISO, but I have to work to get it.

Ideally, I'd like a camera of similar IQ and form factor, but without the 1/30 second default (with no over-ride) and especially the option to have Auto-ISO in Manual. I've done some searching, but as this is a bit obscure, it's difficult to find cameras with this feature. Perhaps some of you have come across this. There's so much I like about this camera, but again this weekend, it was FRUSTRATING to use quickly inside to grab a moment. Instead, lots of fiddling required…..

Sorry to keep talking about this issue on the forum, but I think I'm ready to look at alternatives.

Andy: I come from Pentax who have had TAv for a long time. I'm sure someone will correct me but I think they were the first to come out with Auto-ISO in Manual. I understand your wish for this feature and I'm glad that the RX10 has it.

That said, what exactly is wrong with using the S mode with Auto-ISO? Follow my line of thought for a moment and tell me where I'm wrong. If the 1/30 default is too slow for you than you're trying to achieve a higher shutter speed than what the camera selects in either A or P mode, correct? This means the light is low, but you still want a faster shutter speed to eliminate motion blur or camera shake, right? So, to get a higher shutter speed, you're willing to live with a little noise from higher ISO and shallower DOF from wider aperture, right?

So if the above is correct, then I'll say that there is no aperture that is really too shallow on the RX100. At the wider end, just by virtue of the wider angle, there's more DOF even though the aperture opens wider. At the longer end, the aperture closes down keeping the DOF fairly deep, even though the lens is longer. Now on a DSLR this can be an issue where the DOF can get too shallow when in S mode, but I've never found it to be an issue with 1" sensors or smaller. As for the noise, the RX100 seems to favour faster apertures before faster ISOs so you'll just have to live with the lesser noise and shallower DOF that the camera picks. As stated above, shallow DOF just isn't an issue with this camera (unless you're trying to achieve shallow DOF!) so I fail to see your problem with shooting these photos in S mode. Please point out the error(s) in my reasoning if there are any, but I suspect you are simply a slave to your shooting habits and not willing to give S mode on the RX100 a fair chance.

On a DSLR the lack of Auto-ISO in Manual mode is a problem, especially with fast telephoto lenses, but this just has not been a problem with the RX100. I never shot S mode before this camera, but now I use it all the time and it just works. Low light and action: just switch to S mode and change the shutter speed to whatever I require. Let the camera pick the aperture and ISO and get the best pictures the camera can accomplish under those conditions. Easy as can be!!!

As for an alternative to the RX100, if it's the combination of best picture quality possible from a package with a zoom lens that fits in your pocket, I'm sorry but with anything else out there, you'll just be disappointed when you compare the pictures. If you're willing to forgo the zoom, the Ricoh GR will fit the bill nicely.

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