Leica M240 with 2/28 asph vs Sigma DP1M (closer than you would think)

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Re: Leica M240 with 2/28 asph vs Sigma DP1M (closer than you would think)

Blackraven wrote:

I recently acquired a Leica M and 2/28 ASP lens. I have to say I'm a little disappointed with the lens. It is slightly out-resolved by the Sigma DP1M which has a 28mm equivalent focal length lens.

Bearing in the mind the Leica is FF whilst the Sigma is APS, you can say that the Leica lens is disappointing or that the Sigma is amazing.

Is my Leica 2/28 faulty? Is it a lemon? Can other owners of this lens offer any comments to its resolving powers?


Actually there is no point to compare with the DP1M or SD1. The sensor is vastly on a different world and there is a reason why at one point, the rumor about comparing Sigma new foveon sensor with medium format floats.

Personally i own the previous sigma cam, SD15. I would have to say, some of the details you see are probably sharpness from the sigma, which is hard to beat, on the new foveon 15mp (46) high mp, it would really take something like D800E/A7R or medium format to match. As laughable as it seems, anyone personally handled the camera would easily get surprised by these slow and low iso beasts.

In short, be happy with ur summicron, there is nothing wrong with it, just don't expect it to match the foveon.

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