I don't how you guys get great photos

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Re: I don't how you guys get great photos

Well, your eagle shot is better than I have ever even seen near my home. Other posters here give good advice on lenses. Many amimals such as eagles are fairly territorial - especially if they are nesting. You can use that to your advantage and think like a hunter. Ambush is easier than stalking. You can find photo blinds cheap and those plus an investment of time can get you closer by letting the animals come to you.

Another way to put the odds in your favor is to find where animal concentrations are highest and travel there. For example, there were nearly 6000 bald eagles counted this winter in Illinois--mainly along the Mississippi River. Numbers like that tip the odds in your favor. We went to Alaska last summer and found places where eagles were as thick as sparrows are here.

This photo was taken after an eagle I was shooting took off and then swung around and decided to land not more than 30 ft. from me. I was shooting 400mm hand held and I can guarantee you have to use all your steady skills, higher iso so you can keep your shutter speed up and have a little luck. The trick is to do you part so you make some of your own luck.

tahoe22 wrote:

Thanks for your responses. The budget may allow a larger zoom and I could possibly get physically closer with some patience but the hand shake would be the tough one. I enjoy the outdoors and what it offers, but seeing the photos you guys take has me shaking my head. If I could get some half that good I would be happy!

Thanks again

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