F8 25mm body cap lens please

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Re: F8 25mm body cap lens please

Ah . . . no. And here's why: the 20mm f/1.7 Panasonic exists, and although it's not bodycap-small, it IS a very small pancake with stellar IQ. Except for the extra cost (which isn't that much), why would I replace it with a slow fixed-aperture lens with inferior IQ?

IMO Oly made the same mistake with the 15mm bodycap lens . . . I saw no reason to keep it instead of the slightly more expensive but vastly superior 14mm f/2.5 pancake lens. It's not like Oly was unaware that Panasonic was already producing a tiny lens with nearly the same FL.

Now the 9mm bodycap fisheye lens, on the other hand, is a brilliant concept.

Yes the 9mm is a brilliant concept. Yes there is a 20mm that is great albeit focus issues but still not cheap and one reason I suggested a 50 since there are not many small and cheap options. I like the quick Lo-Fi concept matched with IBIS. I would chose the soon to be panleica 15 over the panny 20.
9, 15 and 25mm body caps would be a sweet cheap trio that would not take up too much space next to your kit or pro zoom. If budget permits you could have the better larger primes of Rokinon 7.5 or 8mm fish, 15 panleica and 25 Oly.

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