F8 25mm body cap lens please

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: How about a 17mm f/4 and be there?

A cheap but very small, hyperfocused 17mm f/4 lens would be a great street shooter. DOF would go from about 8 feet to infinity.

It would be the equivalent of the old Weegee rule of "f/8 and be there."

Fat chance anyone would make one.

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Jim Salvas

I really want a 40mm equiv but since there is a 30 equiv I figure a 50 has a better shot of getting produced. There are a few moderate to expensive 50's but how about an inexpensive one? That and a re imagined one where you have a ring and not a fidgety lever not to mention able to take a freaking filter!

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