Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Re: Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

First of all, I'm jealous. 18 months hiking, trekking, cities, mountains . . . wow!

Second, I'm not you so I really don't know how valuable this advice is. I have, however, spent some time hiking, trekking, in cities and mountains, with a camera. To ME (big emphasis), size and weight are huge considerations under these conditions, even if you are a serious photographer. So I'd opt for a very different setup than you:

9mm bodycap: like you say, it adds practically no bulk or weight, and provides a unique perspective your other lenses won't be able to offer.

12-32mm kit zoom. Yup, that little guy. I know it's not as good as the 12-40mm--probably quite a bit poorer--but by any other standard it's an excellent lens and will enable you to carry your camera nearly everywhere. It's also a bit slow, so you'd need some kind of faster lens for when the light gets dim, like . . .

20mm f/1.7 pancake; another tiny lens with excellent IQ. Really excellent IQ. Its biggest flaw is that it's a big noisy and slow to focus, but if these aren't high priorities then it's an amazing value with incredible IQ for the size. And finally, because sometimes you need something a bit longer:

45-150mm Panasonic. The smallest medium telephoto and, in my experience, also the best at the long end (excepting the very expensive 35-100mm Panasonic). As someone else wrote, it's tiny with its reversible lens hood.

Obviously if you have different priorities then these suggestions may seem absurd, but I've found that the opportunity cost of missing a shot because the gear was too heavy to lug along is far more important than the slight IQ advantage you get with a bigger and heavier, albeit better, lens. But that's my experience and I'm sure many would disagree.

Whatever you choose, have fun and please share some of your pictures, either en route or when you return. We can all live vicariously with you for the next 18 months while we attend to our jobs, kids, responsibilities, bills . . .

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