Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

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Re: Poll: What are your plans in light of the Quattro series?

maple wrote:

No plans at all.

I’m the “restless” type and always want the latest if they are in indeed the best and the premium to pay is not over the roof. I have been an early adopter since SD14, except the infamously expensive non-Merrill SD1.

But for the first time, I’m not sure this round, as much as I’m convinced of Quattro as a much better sensor than even Merrill to rival against even the best FF. But the DP Q just does not feel right in form. If that out of proportion design is indeed a necessity for heat and electromagnetic interference consideration, then the Quattro technology is rather impractical or still immature for market outside the narrowest niche.

However, I don't believe the DP Q design is out of any practical needs. The extra large lens barrel makes me suspect perhaps Sigma has something else up their sleeve.

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So this puts you firmly in the camp of not buying until you see the review by DPR?

I remain amused at the suspicion that Sigma has some strange plan or intention regarding the shape and configuration of the quattro. Is it an innocent desire for a new shape to go with a new sensor? A practical response to an issue with the sensor or electronics? Or some more malevolent intention, hiding dark and secret things in that large lens?

I like camera aesthetics, in the sense that cameras can be lovely to touch and hold, and excellent little machines, just like fine watches, fine cars, etc. And man-jewelry, too. And if the quattro is ugly, what then? Is it the Citroen of cameras? Or is it like a Jeep Wrangler?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I have heard, and although I know that I am exquisitely rational, even more rational than an EE (otherwise the pinnacle of rationality and intelligence and objectivity in the world), my thought is that the look of the quattro is, ahem, unusual. Sadly, few people have held the Quattro, although I am sure, from the complaints I have read on this forum, that it induces immediate arm and hand cramps in the holder. The videos of people holding the camera have no doubt been carefully edited to eliminate those parts, in deference to the holder's suffering.

Remember: No one can make a decision of any sort until color test charts are produced and properly examined.

Or until it goes on sale, at which point we will see how GAS works.

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