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Re: You must use the same driver settings...

Marni wrote:

I am using Costco Paper and 3rd party ink Inkjetfly CISS system.

I profiled using that paper. When I ran the printer profile program I did not run the extended grey's. I am using the Spyder print and Spyder Pro to calibrate the monitor. Should I run a new profile using the extended greys? I wonder if that will help with the purple cast I have to the photos?

Marni wrote:

GREAT. Now, is this ok? 3 shots of the flow. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

In order to use the profile you said you named "Take 2" the patches that you printed to scan would have had to be printed with the same settings you are now trying to use.

So if you made the profile for Epson Ultra Glossy Photo Paper

Your driver should have been set to the Same Paper choice ( not profile ) at a specific paper quality setting such as Photo or best Photo and ICM to OFF. If you did not use those setting during the printing of the color patches then your current profile is basically useless.

So let's do this. Please tell us the paper you are trying to print to and if it is EPSON you can always use one of their canned ICC profiles that were installed when you installed the printer driver for EPSON 1400


Just be 100% sure you are using the correct settings for printing out your initial color patches.

Once your color patches are printed and scanned and the profile is generated and stored, be 100% that you then print your images using that SAME EXACT settings you used to create the printer profile with.

So you should chose one of EPSON's Glossy Paper choices ( Since you are using Kirkland Glossy ) and Best Photo to print the charts. ICM set to OFF!!!!!!

Then when you print out of PS 7 go to the printer driver ( EPSON 1400 ) and choose the same paper and quality choice and in ICM, once again turn it OFF. Then I PS7 printer dialogue choose to let PS control color and then choose the profile you created.

Black point comp set to ON and use either Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual


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