Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: Some of his results

fongg wrote:

Steve was very excited with his 1st video about The X-T1, but then sort of changed his tone in his actual review all of the sudden.

My conspiracy theme. For his previous review of Fuji cameras, he has had issues with Fuji, that to the extent Fuji no longer sends new cameras to him for review. I think he admitted this also. He was hoping to "regain" the relationship with Fuji, and thus he shot his 1st video with very positive preliminary comments. But then Fuji's attitude wasn't as what he expected, and so he turned his tone a bit.

Not sure how others feel, but I definitely think so.

Nice conspiracy theory - I think it's bunk. He likes the XT1 - he likes it a lot. And compared to previous Fuji X-bodies, he freakin' LOVES it. But he still likes the EM1 more. Owning both, I get that. I'd be hard pressed to choose the Fuji over the EM1 if I had to choose. I'm glad I don't because I really like both. And the Fuji is more in tune with my day to day shooting needs. But the EM1 still does more things well IMHO. I'll do more of my shooting on the Fuji just because it's best lenses are better in the focal lengths I usually shoot. But I won't get rid of my EM1 or some of the great m43 glass I own.

And I agree with him that the differences between the two on IQ are minimal, not the night and day difference some folks would have you believe. We can measurebate all day, but I can turn out really extremely pleasing images with both, even in really trying conditions. I think they're wonderful complimentary systems. And to the extent they're competitors for a lot of people, there are plenty of good reasons to choose either over the other. He just happened to choose the EM1. But he still gives the XT1 a VERY positive review, which is new for him with the Fuji X-bodies. So take that as the compliment to Fuji that it is.

And, BTW, if he was trying to ingratiate himself with Fuji so they'd send him pre-release gear (he already get's free loaners from B&H), I don't think he'd have said in the video something to the effect of 'I think it's sad when you can't say what you honestly find and can't be critical of a camera or they'll cut you off'. He did - that doesn't sound like a desperate attempt to get back in their good graces! Sounds like he'd accepted that Fuji isn't gonna help him out anymore going forward...


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