Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
Robert Garcia NYC Senior Member • Posts: 2,091
Re: Some of his results

fongg wrote:

Steve was very excited with his 1st video about The X-T1, but then sort of changed his tone in his actual review all of the sudden.

My conspiracy theme. For his previous review of Fuji cameras, he has had issues with Fuji, that to the extent Fuji no longer sends new cameras to him for review. I think he admitted this also. He was hoping to "regain" the relationship with Fuji, and thus he shot his 1st video with very positive preliminary comments. But then Fuji's attitude wasn't as what he expected, and so he turned his tone a bit.

Not sure how others feel, but I definitely think so.

interesting, my theory was that he tried the camera out and then realized it wasn't for him. But besides that it got a thumbs up.

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