XT-1 RAW and Lightroom...

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Re: XT-1 RAW and Lightroom...

Wolfgang wrote:


After reading this on Luminous Landscape I decided to go for it. And with LR5.4 I should also be satisfied with development of the RAW files.


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I don't have an X-T1, but I've had an X-E2 since November. If you bought the X-T1 congrats I expect it's a great camera. I'm very pleased with my X-E2.

However my experience tells me you will have trouble with LR. I've been trying to get good results from ACR/LR since November and I do have generally good success until I don't. Periodically I run across an RAF file from my X-E2 that ACR/LR stumbles and falls over and nothing I can do can coax it up from it's face-down prone position.

When that happens I know I can count of either Photoninja or Capture One to do the job that Adobe can't. As a result I have now built up a collection of RAF files that embarrass ACR/LR and that collection is growing. I have no such collection for Photoninja or Capture One.

Is ACR/LR's problem so severe it's untenable? No. Until of course it's that file that you want right and ACR/LR is face down on the floor. Then you start cussing.

I downloaded the 8.4 release candidate for ACR and so far there seems to be no change over the 8.3 stable version. The 8.4 release has the Fuji film simulations but otherwise it's standard X-Trans profile seems to screw up just as badly as the 8.3 version.

Don't believe anybody here; see for yourself. You need to look at this thread from last week: ACR/LR halos In that thread you'll find samples to look at, but more importantly you'll find one of my RAF files from my "Adobe screws up" collection. Download the file and try it yourself. And if you can find a way to coax ACR/LR to process that file without botching it I'd love to know how.

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