Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Plan B option

My first thought: 18 months travel... wow! You must be one lucky guy

I guess you would like to save as much weight and space as possible.

  • 12-40 has great range and is weather sealed. I think it's the right pick for this case.
  • 45/1.8 is very small and light, but you have it covered with your zoom
  • If you have to take another lens, take the Oly. 40-150, it's also fairly small and has a good range. Zooms are easier to deal with during the travel.

Then again, I would also highly recommend taking..

  • Panasonic GM1 as a BACKUP
  • You would still have a very capable camera if your main one gets damaged
  • It has 12-32 lens (backing up your main glass)
  • You could mount the large zoom on it, and have two cameras with two different zoom ranges without having to swap lenses if the environment is bad.

You could also get the Oly E-PM2 instead. Currently (in US), Oly is offering the PM2 with two kit lenses for less than $350.

Another backup choice cold be Sony RX100.

Have a great trip. Think about how you'll be storing your images, backing them up (maybe sending a full hard disk home once in a while). How would you be editing the images? Laptop, iPad? Are you going to have a blog so that family and friends would be able to follow you?

On an 18 month trip, everything needs a backup or a plan B option

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