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Hornbrille wrote:

Setting the WB in camera with a grey card is the best way to go. You get one more option in SPP by this and the results are usually better than with the presets. SPP presets can be useful if you want to specify the overall saturation, contrast and color balance of your images. You need to experiment to fully appreciate the possibilities.

Here's to hoping in next round of cameras, Sigma allows CWB to be set from an already taken image on the card.. versus requiring a new shot be taken of a gray card each time you want to switch CWB.   Imagine going from inside to outside sun to outside shade etc..   and then back again..  Much easier to have the reference photos on the card and be able to recall them and reset CWB, than it is to reshoot each time.

Most cameras and raw-developers use the color temperature model to adjust white balance. We must understand that this is a simplification. Changing the color temperature doesn't involve green or magenta and that might be the reason for the more complete color wheel in SPP.

Uwe 8-)

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