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I would like to know what kind of sleep mode this Canon 10D camera has??? Can anyone chime in on this. What is this camera worth used?


It has the standard sleep mode where it will blank out until the shutter button is pressed to wake it up again. I seem to recall it has a user selectable time interval before it goes to sleep, and I think you can disable the sleeping altogether as well. Not worth much at all on the used market, but in good light its a great camera. Its biggest negatives are its slow operation, small rear display, and noise above ISO400. Also, it won't accept EF-S lenses, the 20D was the first to offer that option.

Thanks for your response. You think 100 bucks for a used 10D or a little more??

One more question, can you wake a canon camera up using a remote trigger when the camera goes to sleep???

Don't know the answer to that question, but I can tell you that as long as the rear LCD is off the camera isn't consuming much power when its not sleeping anyway. I own one, haven't used it much the last few years, but when I did I turned off the sleep mode altogether and carried it around all day long. In fact I seem to recall having discussions on this forum many years ago where people complained that it took too long to come back out of sleep mode, so I told them to just turn off sleep mode and that problem would go away.

regarding the value, let's just say its not likely you're going to get into a bidding war on Ebay over one, or if you buy locally that the seller is going to have multiple offers.  Whatever its worth to you is fair game as an offer.

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