Why P7700 isn't having the success it deserves?

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Re: Because the whole concept of the camera is a bit lost?

Well, I bought a Nikon p7700 last November, because I didn't want to carry around my D3200 with 18-105mm VR and my 55-200mm VR, especially when flying and weight is an issue. I expected the D3200 to give noticeably crisper images than the p7700, but strangely enough, the opposite is true. I have taken identical shots with both cameras, and every time the Nikon p7700 gives better images - crisper, better colour balance, more definition, better contrast. Why is this when the sensor is so much smaller? The big advantages, such as being so much smaller and lighter, built-in HDR, night scene mode (superb), 200 mm telephoto, the ability to take screw-in filters, flip-out screen, lots of controllability, etc, etc etc, all make this camera a joy to use. If the image quality was not up to scratch, these benefits would not be so important, but I am constantly amazed at the results. I shall be taking this compact camera on holiday this year and I am certain that I will achieve excellent results.

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