Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Re: 14-140 + 20 ... or LX7 + FZ200

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In 7 months time I'll be leaving for an 18 month world packing packing trip and can't decide what lenses to take.

I want to take one more prime with me, the 45mm or the 75mm? I don't want to take both because I'm backpacking and weight/space will be an issue. If you could choose one of these for my situation which one would it be?

My two lens choice for traveling would be a 14-140 II and a 20 f1.7 (on a body with IBIS), no question. If I were an ascetic/purist, a 12, 20 & 45 (they're tiny). The 14-140 covers pretty much everything in decent light. The 20 is for interiors and nighttime street shooting. If I had to take the 12-40, I'd complement it with a 45-150. For tele, it's more useful than a 75, and the 75 is too long to be much help in low light.

The 14-140mm II and 20mm makes a lot of sense. It's simple, yet flexible.

BUT, I'd still augment it with a 7-14mm!

Yeah, me, too. But, that's not on the OP's agenda, and he's got the 9mm body cap fisheye for ultra-wide. My 3-lens travel kit is a 7-14, 12-35 and 35-100. And, now the 20. OK, 4-lens, but the 20's so small & light it doesn't really count. I can carry all this plus flash & batteries on my shoulder all day easily. Then again, I generally work from a base and can leave my luggage in my room. If I were backpacking and had to carry all my belongings all the time, I'd want the 14-140 + 20. And, if I knew I wasn't going to make prints bigger than 12"x18", definitely the LX7 + FZ200. Gotta have a backup body.

I don't often make bigger prints, but I want the option and also the ability to sell stock, so it's m43 for me. My second body would be a GM1.

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