Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

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Re: Thom Hogan's review of the A7/A7r

Erik Magnuson wrote:

it just seems that the things that he missed are so obvious to those of us who use these cameras.

If they are obvious, then he does really need to mention them?

obvious to us isn't obvious to those who have never used these cameras, obviously

i'd like to believe that the purpose of a review is to give an unbiased look at the product, for those who are interested in purchasing it, but that's apparently not the case here.

as steve huff put it: "The resolution of the LV and EVF on the A7r is double that of the D800 LV, and the EVF is much easier to use than the D800's OVF"

The first part of that sentence is a fact that could have been mentioned but is probably not that important to his usage. The second part is an opinion that he likely doesn't share.

given that he didn't offer an opinion on evf usage, it's all unsubstantiated guesswork.

what we can guess at is that the omission of ovf vs. evf comparisons, magnify functionality, etc., indicates incompetence and/or platform bias.

plus one for huff, zero for hogan

Camera reviewing is now a competitive sport?

certainly a competitive bid for eyeballs! garbage reviews generate controversy, which in turn generates traffic.

what's interesting is that this thread certainly has a variety of extreme opinions, from both sides of the isle.

even with those raw file issues, wouldn't you rather be shooting sony a7r raw than any raw file that canon offers on their cameras? sony simply has more latitude in their raw files than anything canon currently offers, which i didn't see him mention.

So you missed the part where he said "I think that a lot of folk considering something like the Canon 6D or Nikon D610 ought to take a long look at the A7, for instance. [...]The sensor in the A7 is the same as in the Nikon D610, which I consider the best 24mp full frame sensor currently available."

I'm not sure you actually read his review at all.

i commented on his obsessive focus on relatively unimportant a7r raw quality issues, and you responded with his quote about sensor comparisons?

those things are not relevant, which begs the question of who actually read what, lol

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