Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Re: Three zooms for All Opportunities

JeanPierre Martel wrote:

wilsc wrote:

I'll be leaving for an 18 month world packing packing trip. The trip is going to be a mix of everything (hiking in the Himalayas, European cities, snowboarding in Japan, SE Asia....) as will my photos.

At the moment I'm taking my EM5 with the 12-40mm and the 9mm fish eye body cap (takes up no space and is cheap).

I want to take one more prime with me, the 45mm or the 75mm?

Unless the purpose of your World tour is to take portraits, I'm not sure that these primes are essential for your trip.

My suggestion is completely different. Bring 3 zooms:
A) a Lumix 7-14mm (for narrow streets, landscape and ceiling of churches),
B) your M.Zuiko 12-40mm (as your main all-purpose lens),
C) a M.Zuiko 40-150mm (to zoom on distant objects).

Panasonic 45-150mm. It's a better lens. It's more compact and uses a 52mm filter. The 40-150mm uses a 58mm.

These zooms would cover from 7mm to 150mm. That's about all focal ranges that you could need to cover during that trip.

You could also bring a small bright prime like the M.Zuiko 17mm (or the M.Zuiko 12mm, Lumix 20mm or PanLeica 25mm) for street photography.

I'd vote for a 17mm. It's extremely flexible as a walk-about lens, indoors and on the street. Not too narrow, like a 25mm, or too wide like a 12mm.

I spent a week in Paris using primarily a 12mm and 25mm and was rather frustrated by the too wide/too narrow thing. For my next trip, to Marseille and Genoa, I picked up a 17.5mm. When I got home, I was very surprised to see that I'd used it for nearly half my shots!

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