Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Re: Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

wilsc wrote:

In 7 months time I'll be leaving for an 18 month world packing packing trip and can't decide what lenses to take. The trip is going to be a mix of everything (hiking in the Himalayas, European cities, snowboarding in Japan, SE Asia....) as will my photos.

At the moment I'm taking my EM5 with the 12-40mm and the 9mm fish eye body cap (takes up no space and is cheap).

I want to take one more prime with me, the 45mm or the 75mm? I don't want to take both because I'm backpacking and weight/space will be an issue. If you could choose one of these for my situation which one would it be?

Sorry if I am late. If those are the only in consideration, no brainer: 75.
The 12-40 is superb, and only a stop and a bit behind the 45.
You'll use that most of the time.
The 75mm gives you reach, speed should you need it and incredible sharpness.  Not just for portraits, it will pick out details in semi-distant scenery, architecture, crowded market places and offers a little discretion.  It will also compress road views a bit.
I'm sure you have many great pics taken with it, here are some 75mm uses  I'm sure you're familiar with.  I used it for some of these panoramas too.
Because there will be little or no foreground, impromptu, detailed hand-held panoramas are also a possibility as one of the above shows.

I can hear your lens, sitting in the bag, shouting "take me, take me" ...
Enjoy your trip

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