Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: I don't chimp.

I agree with that.  Makes me cringe sometimes to see quite decent DSLRs-- better than mine, at any rate, and sometimes with big fast zooms on them that I know cost a pretty penny-- being used as point and shoots.  And, as you say, not very good point and shoots.  There are plenty of large sensor compacts out there that would do that job better.

I'm not a film user any more, but I am determined to be the same kind of photographer with digital as I was with film.  One of the ways I hope to do this is to learn to understand my digital camera as well as I did my old film Pentaxes.  That's a tall order, but I am already having some small success, along with shooting a lot of "junkers".  At least they don't cost anything!

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