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You must use the same driver settings...

Marni wrote:

The test image actually looks good other than it having the purple color cast.

I have disabled all the color management in startup, the only workflow I have is the profile I made, I was printing in a program without photoshop even involved, so I know the only settings were the ones that I chose via my printer profile.

I just don't know how to get rid of the cast, could there be a driver somewhere that I am missing? Why would there be purple in the blacks and greys? The test print is proving that I must have a setting wrong? Can I just profile blacks in Spyder???? I wonder if I should use the extended grey's in a new profile? It might not be the best, Datacolor, but it's what I have and I must be able to use it and make it right. Thanks so much!!!!! I appreciate all the help.

that you used to print the Spyder ICC generation scan patch target prints as when you print a photo using that Spyder ICC profile.

What I'm getting at is you would need to make all your driver settings with the correct final paper type, turn off color management, print the patches, scan them, generate the ICC profile, then print your photo to that same paper with the same driver settings and you should have great results.  You can't set the driver settings one way to generate the ICC profile and then change them to another paper or not have color mangement turned off/on correctly.  Purple casts usually mean double profiling.

Bob P.

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