What's the big deal with the retro thing?

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Re: Yes, they are retro...

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TL;DR. They are retro in the same way that the Ducati Sport Classics are and the Urals aren't.

Now you are talking my kind of retro...

This is me, enjoying my retro.


Gorgeous. Quite tempted by one of those myself....

You can't really buy one like mine as it started out as a 2000 Thunderbird Sport. Done up right they look a lot better than the Thurxton. I do fancy the Scrambler.

That's very nice indeed. Are those the standard cans? What did you change?

Yes, the Scrambler looks totally cool. Have to go have an argument with the Mrs...

I've had it for the better part of 13 years so I changed the...

Wheels, forks, brakes, bars, cans, headers, cams, seat/some bodywork,and added one hard bag from a BMW 1200C. Do you ride?

After 10 miles of fire roads...

Have not ridden for quite a while on a regular basis. Have not had my own bike for years, but I do get to ride a variety of interesting stuff from time to time as my friend is a local dealer and he uses the demos as his company vehicles. Still have the riding gear.

If circumstances change (I get a house with a garage) one of the new "retro" Triumphs is on the list. My sportsbike days are long gone (as I discovered a few weeks ago when I tried the new Fireblade).

I like what you did to yours. Nice paint job too. How are the engines for reliability?

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