Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Jacques Cornell
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Re: Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

Henry Falkner wrote:

wilsc wrote:

In 7 months time I'll be leaving for an 18 month world packing packing trip and can't decide what lenses to take. The trip is going to be a mix of everything (hiking in the Himalayas, European cities, snowboarding in Japan, SE Asia....) as will my photos.

At the moment I'm taking my EM5 with the 12-40mm and the 9mm fish eye body cap (takes up no space and is cheap).

With that mix of purposes, in my perception an ILC is just an unnecessary distraction.

Even here in Auckland I have seen one tourist wasting a whole ferry trip with selecting lenses, he did not get a single shot.

That's just incompetence and not a reason to avoid primes. I can swap lenses in seconds. If you want a focal length wider than 24mm equivalent, ILC is the only way.

That said, for a non-pro who doesn't plan to do street shooting at night or print bigger than 12"x16", something like an FZ200 is a good, cheap, very portable solution. I've made good 16"x24" prints from my 10MP LX5. The LX7, BTW, makes an excellent pocketable street shooter & landscape camera if you don't need tele. I do use long focal lengths, but I could happily shoot an extended vacation with an LX7 + LVF2.

Oops, getting OT. I guess I better answer the OP now.

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