Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Re: Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

wilsc wrote:

In 7 months time I'll be leaving for an 18 month world packing packing trip and can't decide what lenses to take. The trip is going to be a mix of everything (hiking in the Himalayas, European cities, snowboarding in Japan, SE Asia....) as will my photos.

At the moment I'm taking my EM5 with the 12-40mm and the 9mm fish eye body cap (takes up no space and is cheap).

I want to take one more prime with me, the 45mm or the 75mm? I don't want to take both because I'm backpacking and weight/space will be an issue. If you could choose one of these for my situation which one would it be?

I'd probably opt for neither since, imo, the 75mm will be kind of a limited-use lens that will keep punishing you with its weight, and the 45's field of view is pretty much covered by your zoom.  Of course, if you REALLY REALLY like shooting portraits and like the 45's rendering, then yeah, bring it.

Also, unlike some other posters, I won't discourage you from bringing your EM5, either.  Even if you brought just the 12-40, I don't see anything wrong with bringing a camera that supports interchangeable lenses.  It's what you have, you're familiar with it, and it produces output that you like (presumably).  So by all means  use it if its size/weight isn't going to bother you.

For any kind of trip, I make it a habit to always bring a small P&S camera.  A ruggedized or waterproof P&S would make sense except that I've yet to try one that produces results that I like.  The Nikon 1-series-based underwater camera looks like it has a lot of potential, though.  But for me, I haven't _required_ a weatherproof or ruggedized P&S.  I keep the camera in a small, waterproof bag when water or dust is an issue.  Otherwise, it stays in a small pouch (I never put it unprotected into a pocket due to lint).

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