Monitor suggestion?

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Re: Monitor suggestion?

The test image actually looks good other than it having the purple color cast.

I have disabled all the color management  in startup, the only workflow I have is the profile I made, I was printing in a program without photoshop even involved, so I know the only settings were the ones that I chose via my printer profile.

I just don't know how to get rid of the cast, could there be a driver somewhere that I am missing?  Why would there be purple in the blacks and greys?  The test print is proving that I must have a setting wrong?  Can I just profile blacks in Spyder????  I wonder if I should use the extended grey's in a new profile?  It might not be the best, Datacolor, but it's what I have and I must be able to use it and make it right.  Thanks so much!!!!!  I appreciate all the help.

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