D610 and D800 Build Quality vs D300

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Re: There is a significant problem, but it can be worked around with care

bobn2 wrote:

Daniel Bliss wrote:

You really need to look at photos at an angle to see the difference. The frontal photos like these don't really show it well. Pay particular attention to the sides of the throat around the lens mount.

You can't learn anything on strength of construction by looking at photos. Bothe the D700 and D800 have cut outs in the magnesium chassis for access to the front panel controls, you don't know how much reinforcement there is on either, or where the stresses are.


Take a look at the RB10 (red bull) F1 car, when it is stationery (most of the time right now :). ) the front wing has to take  huge forces, creating downforce  with the car is traveling at over 200mph, in heavy cornering and even occasionally hitting a curb. Take a look at the 2 tiny fixing mounts and you will realise that looking at something tels you nothing about its strength.

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