Backpacking/world travel 45mm or 75mm?

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Neither actually...

The 45 is likely to be a much more useful focal length on such a trip, the 75 is almost a specialty lens unless you are doing portraits in a large working space.  The 75 is also quite a bit bigger and heavier and more expensive than the 45.  So given the two choices you've given us I'd say the 45.

However, I actually don't think either are a good choice for your stated purpose.

On travel a fast prime would primarily be used either for low light or portraits.  Low light usually means confined space and the 45 is not going to be very useful in that environment.  And for portraits on travel in many cases you are looking for an "environmental portrait" and not the rather closely cropped portrait we'd normally do.  So again, looking for a wider angle.

If I was going to bring a prime on your trip it would probably be the 25/1.8 or 17/1.8.  If Panasonic will hurry up and actually release it the 15/1.7 would be another choice.

BTW, I think your choice to bring the 9mm BC is excellent for such a trip.  It is nice to have UWA along but not so nice to dedicate carrying a larger lens.

And I'd restrict it to your walk around zoom, BC and a prime.  You don't really need or want to be changing lenses a lot (or flashing lots of gear in some places) and you'll probably find the zoom stays on the camera the most anyway.

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