Need your expert help with using the D800E

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Need your expert help with using the D800E

"Re: to sell a Nikon d800 for a d7100?? My friend has done it."

I have read this thread and the majority of you say the D 800 is better.

I just spent two weeks in Florida. I came back really confused. I spent two weeks with Nikon. The only conclusion I came up with was to test with artificial light and in a closed area. They were less than helpful because my long lens combination uses the Sigma 120-300mm and the 1.4 and the 2x teleconverters.

This all started because the gentleman I traveled with just bought a sigma 500 mm F 4.5 prime.(used on a Pentax 5II) He could take a small part of the sensor enlarge it and end up with a more detailed image than I. I tried both the D7000 and my new D800E. at 600 mm. He has demonstrated the need to use a straight lens and not use extenders. This still leaves me with the question. Is the 300 mm cropped on the D800E better or is it better on the D7000?

What I am looking at for the present time is to purchase the new Sigma 50-500 mm as my lens during good light. and using the 120-300mm for low light. Retired It takes a while before I get the $5000 for the 500 mm.

I did get good images Of BIF's using the D800E I like the extra space.  I also like the way it handles high ISO over the D7000

I just ran the following test: At a single distance I took the following shots with (manual) flash;

300 mm D800E, 300mm D7000, 420 mm D800E, 420 mm D7000, 600 mm D800E,

600 mm D7000, 900 mm D800E, 900 mm D7000. The last two came about by a mistake of connecting both teleconverters. I was using them to keep dust off the sensors.

All pictures are straight off the sensor only correcting to 5500K except the double teleconverters had to be lightened 2X.

I used the timer  for all shots. (A mistake was made and showed me that the camera is shaken using an instant release.)

Lastly, consider that I am going to have my 40th birthday of being 39. I sold a 600 mm f5.6 because of carrying 24 lbs of tripod,lens and camera was too much.

This picture shows the full frame of each image,

My concentration is to mimic a small bird that I would photograph. That is why I concentrated on the moose This place mat weaving gives minute detail. The next images are the cropped moose.

Nikon D7000 Nikon D7100 Nikon D800 Nikon D800E
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