Played with A6000 a bit (A7R user)

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Re: Played with A6000 a bit (A7R user)

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only problem in a shop that the EVF will look great but what happens when you go outside in a sunny place. I don't think my Nex 6 is good enough after the A7r so I also have doubts about the A6000. AF quick autofocus will wonderful but till someone does a proper comparison of nex 6 to A6000 I will wait. Thanks for the feedback.

Like said, the light was not that good in expo (this was not your awerage well lit huge trade show, I had to use ISO 800 in testing) but do I agree, side by side the EVF it is propably not in the level of the A7(R). The bigger sensor on FF gets more light and so it has better starting point for creating the EVF picture... But based on my experience with Nex-6 and Nex-7 I was surprized about the EVF quality and expected the lower resolution to really show. It did not, at least on that light. After getting my A7R I could no longer tolerate the color noise in Nex-7 EVF in lower light so it had to go.

Like said, I think the EVF in A6000 is mostly optimized for action type shooting in decent light, for critical manual focusing and very low light I'm gonna pick my A7R anyway.

I thought the EVF on the NEX-6 was just fine. I

I though the EVF in Nex-6 and Nex-7 were the best thing since sliced bread. I loved them. That is until I tested the Nex-7 and A7R EVFs side by side in low light (the clarity, contrast and lack of color noise in A7R just puts it to another level); and low light has been all I've seen in last 5 months due to mostly snowless winter over here.

I dont have the NEX7 but is the EVF on the NEX6 better than the 7?

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