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Not necessarily

jeminijoseph wrote:

Should I get the one with calibration tool? It's around 300 dollars more

The NEC calibration puck is a re-branded X-rite Eye One puck, and the software itself is compatible with various Xrite and Spyder calibration pucks that most people already own.  You have the option to choose your puck when you install the software.

You can also find "free" downloads for the NEC software incredibly easily if you're into that sort of thing (not that I condone it).  NEC really should do a better job of protecting themselves in that area.

You can also buy the same calibration puck NEC uses for a fraction of the cost.  Personally I use an x-rite i1 LT, which is the identical hardware to the NEC puck and 1/3 the cost.  I believe they have since updated the i1 puck as well.

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