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Re: This is not true!

57LowRider wrote:

by and large highlight recovery is awesome in the Fuji RAW files, which is probably why I don't get too bothered by it.

Yeah I agree completely about exposure. So far as long as I'm within 2 stops or so of a "correct" exposure the RAW files let me get the desired result (and I was going to fine tune almost every shot either way).

My real issue is with the side-effects of shutter speed and ISO. When I have them both on automatic the selected values can get pretty sketchy and obviously there's no way to undo (avoidable) camera shake or noise in post. Exactly because of the manipulatability of the RAW files you mention, there are times when I'd rather underexpose a scene rather than let the shutter get below a certain point.

While I'm inspecting the instant review seems like the ideal time to double-check that I agree with the camera about the selected values. Of course my problem has a simple answer: "check those numbers before you click the shutter dummy". Yes I am a dummy and sometimes the problem is I forgot to check, but others it's that I was focusing on the moment rather than the numbers, and didn't have time to reflect until the preview came on.

About using the full preview mode rather than instant

At least on the X-E1 the play/review button is extremely misplaced if the intention was for users to push it while holding the viewfinder up to their eye. Not only does it involve taking your left hand off the lens (ruining your composition and ability to quickly take another shot) but you also need to jam your thumb between your eye and cheek, killing all remaining stability provided by your face. If it was down on the right like Canon usually has it I'd be a lot more likely to make it a regular part of my shooting.

As is the play button's position on the X-E1 makes it awkward to use your proposed system even when using the LCD to shoot, as you still have to take your hand off the lens or reach your right thumb across the expanse of the camera.

So at least for me instant preview is probably going to stay on unless the camera is on a tripod and I've got time to ponder each shot in full preview.

Looking at the back of the X-T1 (in pictures) it seems like the play button's position would be less of a problem because at least the viewfinder isn't directly above it.

Just a little missing feature from the Fuji firmware

So anyway, not trying to bash these cameras, but I think this is one of those little details that Fuji hasn't gotten around to fixing yet. Clearly lots of people would want the same kind of options for instant review as they do for their viewfinders/LCDs in shooting mode. It's hard to imagine anyone complaining if same data was visible in the preview as you see during shooting, though maybe Fuji has a good ergonomic reason for not showing it (I guess on some level having no info on the instant preview helps to differentiate it from the shooting mode that comes before and after).

Surely this is something that COULD be fixed via. a firmware update, though there are about a dozen others I'd vote for first if Fuji had a poll

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