Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: I don't chimp.

yardcoyote wrote:

Not only do I not chimp, I deliberately avoided teaching myself how to do it when I got my DSLR last summer. My goal was to continue working the way I always did on film-- to bracket extensively and learn from my images when I went over them later. Digital technology makes this so easy: free "film"! EXIF data, which means no note taking! Full exposure information in the OVF! Just how easy do people want it to be? Take this with a grain of salt, though since I am the person who is still amazed by autofocus.

And of course I am not a pro, whose income depends on getting every shot exactly right the first time. As a hobbyist, I can afford to take my time re learning photography from my own base level.

You are a rare dying breed. Like film users.

What I see on the streets when traveling, about half of tourists with DSLRs use rear screen for shooting despite slow AF and all. It is ridiculous. They would be (and will be) so much better with mirrorless!

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