Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon mirrorless first?

Yes, I agree Yardcoyote, the OVF is key for me, too.  And they have other advantages, too, like longer battery life.  I'm not an expert by any means, but I'm enough of a contrarian to wonder that mirrors might hang on longer, for these and other reasons, and may never be fully replaced by mirrorless.  I love my Fuji (which has both OVF and EVF) and applaud what they are doing but whether or not mirrorless fully replaces mirrors is not obvious to me.  Clearly the overall simplicity and cost of manufacture, for example, are powerful advantages.  But I've seen other product areas where the simplest and cheapest to manufacture design did not -- to the surprise of experts -- displace the more complicated.  At the risk of putting forward the weakest form of argument, analogy, let me point to what has happened in engine technology, an area I know far more about.  Two stroke engines did not replace four stroke engines even though they are far simpler, more powerful and accelerate quicker for a given displacement.  On the contrary, four stroke engines have largely replaced them in motorcycles and boat engines.  Consumers found that two stroke engines that required separate oil mixing, are louder, and get worse fuel economy were serious disadvantages.  In any event, while the logic of simplicity is clearly on the side of mirrorless, mirrors offer some real advantages which may, in the long run and from a usability standpoint, ensure their continued survival.  Let's wait and see.  IMHO, this is an interesting debate and I enjoy the many viewpoints.  Let the better system win!

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