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Re: Am I getting one? I agree with Marco

Marco Nero wrote:

nolten wrote:

My sentiments exactly Marco. Sorry to say I'm glad you were wrong in your prediction and that the line will continue.

Thanks but it's not really a true sequel.  The new model is still a G1X only it is considered to be an "update" to the original model, hence the name is still "G1X" yet it now has a designation as a Mark 2 model rather than an entirely new model name. I do find this strange.  It's just like releasing an update to the 24mm lens and calling it the 24mm f/1.4L II (which is something we often try to obtain when it happens because the Mark 2 models always tend to address "problems" with the original model that are "resolved" in the updated model: the Mark II.  I find it odd that they did not name it the G2X because there's enough physical change to warrant an entirely new model naming convention.  New lens, new lens elements, new body design, new features etc.  Only Canon will know the answer to that.  But when people ask me if it's a new camera or an update on the older model, it's essentially from the same "stock" but i'd consider it to be a different kind of animal due to physical differences.  The only thing that is consistent with the first model is the 14MP sensor... but even that has been cropped and supposedly updated ...and is said by Canon to be a new version of the original 1.5" sensor on the G1X.

What was wrong with the 5D?  5DII?  Think the 5D III will only go up to IV because it's such a mess?  Things are improved and Canon throws a dart at the wall to figure out what to name things.  The 1D, 1D II, 1D III (upgraded way, way up to the X!!!! but still no major changes to bother with a new name, I know).  You have no more knowledge about Canon's conventions than anyone else that would allow you to interpret their intent.

The mk 2 is an improvement assuming the lens and sensor are up to its predecessor, but not compelling enough yet for me to upgrade. The G1X is already so good in IQ compared to my 5Ds and L lenses that I feel there is little reasonable room for improvement. If this assumption is wrong things might change. But I've invested in several accessories like the underwater housing and RRS mounting bracket and this weighs on a replacement decision.

I honestly believe that if I took pictures with the G1X Mk I or Mk II at the same focal lengths, that most people would not notice a difference between the shots.

Same with roughly every other camera on the market.

Only at 100% (noise moire) or at 24mm wide would any differences distinguish the Mk II from the original.

Please post your pictures from the Mark II so we can see.  Oh wait, you did say "believe" earlier.

I guess the question is: will the G1X Mk II give us images that the Mk I would fail to capture?  The answer has to be yes.  But less noise from Canon in 2013 & 2014 would appear to mean more moire due to very aggressive algorythms from the manufacturer.  I was mighty unhappy with this in the Canon s120 recently.

I particularly agree with Marco on the loss of the fully closing swivel LCD. I use my G backpacking and hiking and it gets banged around a lot - I like the extra protection for the LCD. I often use the tilt/swivel in ways a tilt only won't do. Yup, "a step backwards". Still, it seems a nice upgrade and I welcome it.

Even looking back on the original user manual from the G1X Mk I, you can see good reason for this  flip screen in protecting the LCD display from damage (see below image).  I use the EOS-M as well and this camera has a fixed LCD display screen... but I carry that camera in a TLZ camera case from Lowepro and ALWAYS make sure to tuck in the hard plastic buckles from the camera strap when placing the camera in the case so that it does not scratch or damage the screen.  If Canon REALLY wanted to make the G1X Mk II a camera for serious travelers, it should certainly have included a Fully Articulated LCD display.  Because travelers and Journos will need to protect their camera against impact damage or scratches to the delicate display.

But the XXD had fixed screens for a very long time and so does every XD camera on the market.  The trick is not putting your 1D X in your purse I guess.

And don't suggest that a protector screen be used... because the new Mk II sports a TOUCHSCREEN which is both optically compromised by such screens and also operationally hampered - as noted by users here - due to lack of precise touch to the capacitance surface of the screen.

No it isn't.  You probably couldn't get away with putting a thick piece of glass over it, but as with every other touch device I own a high quality protective piece of plastic does zero harm.  In some cases, with a very good anti-glare screen protector, you actually get more functionality in bright light due to lack of reflections.

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