EM1 42.5 f/1.2 random shots Birthday Party...

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Re: EM1 42.5 f/1.2 random shots Birthday Party...

LTZ470 wrote:

taz98spin wrote:

So it wasn't really the camera that couldn't focus, it was user error??
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Only thing I could think of that would help? It would not AF on ANYONE's face with any sort of back lighting...even at f/1.8...to give an example of how much light was available look at all the Oly photos, they are ALL ISO 200...EM1 chose minimum ISO on Auto ISO indoors...so IF a camera cannot AF in those conditions folks I would have to say it has poor AF...now there are workarounds, Manual Focus, but I find that with Manual Focus the A7r will not Focus Peak well where it can't AF well, Face Recognition and Eye Start AF are the only two things that I think would help possibly as a workaround...

Like how many Pro Photogs use Face Recognition? or better yet how many have to?

Just a note I have already shot almost 5000 photos with the A7r, but a lot with LA-EA4 adapter which gives PDAF so it works...but it is an atrocity of an adapter and the SAL Full Frame Lens defeats the purpose in size and weight alone...

The FE 55mm is a stellar lens but if it won't AF indoors, it ain't gonna be in my stable very long...

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Well, I hope the upcoming firmware update will help your camera out.

As for Pro Phototogs using Face Recognition, I'm not sure. I won't call myself a professional photographer since I have a full time job, but I do shoot 4 - 7 model studio sessions a month, + the occational engagment sessions and weddings, and having Face Dectect on helps for me.

If the camera has the settings, why not use it??

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